I’m all about designing engaging interactive experiences for the Web that not only WOW users but also challenges how we use and interact with technology as a platform to communicate ideas.

I am passionate about design and understanding how we use technology throughout our everyday lives from websites to apps to all manner of digital screens. I see design as an opportunity to challenge how we interact with technology and improve those interaction, bringing delight and excitement through innovative technology and experiences.

Front End Web Designer
In April 2017, I joined the team of MyWork Australia as a full time Front End Web Designer. My role focuses on planning, designing and developing websites for a wide and diverse range of clients and businesses. Day to day activities involve engaging with clients, learning about the unique businesses, the goals and purposes for their new websites and how to use technology to better engage with their customers. Taking this client research, I design and develop service-based websites using WordPress and e-commerce sites using Open Cart, Shopify and WooCommerce.

Graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a Double Bachelor Degree of Interactive and Visual Design and Information Technology, with Distinction in 2016.

My studies taught me practical technical skills using software and design practices and techniques. More importantly, my degree challenged how to approach a design problem, in devising a solution that is innovative and outside-of-the-box. A major focus of my studies was to consider how the end user interacts with my design solutions and the experience that they have.

I’ve worked as a freelance Web Designer for 12 months and this taught me essential skills in working on actual projects with real clients. A central part of this role was the responsibility to achieve results and exceed my client’s expectations. A focus of my work has been of maintaining close consultation with the client throughout the design and development process. This has ensured that the final delivered product responds to my client’s requirements and needs. This also has given me the opportunity to guide my client is uncovering their tangible business outcomes and how digital design can assist in achieving them.

UX Designer and Developer
As I continued my studies, the direction for my work in the design space evolved. I began to shift my focus towards UX and UI design and aiming to understand how to create digital interactions experiences. This can be done, not only through the Web but also across the digital spectrum.  I had the opportunity to work with a startup from River City Labs, designing an interactive Web Experience promoting their Augmented Reality mobile game. This focused on integrating interactive elements into the website through animations and parallax effects to create excitement with the new property.

Partnering with BioTools
My work with UX continued as I partnered with a local Life Science equipment distributor to redesign their brand image and the experience offered across their print and digital touchpoints. My work on this project had a focus on gaining an understanding for how BioTools interacted with their customers and how to capture their vision and goal for their company through their brand touchpoints. This resulted in a redesigned logo, print marketing material and new web experience.