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BioTools Website & Rebrand

Experience Design, Web Design

The Project

This project aimed to update the BioTools website and modernise their logo and brand as a premier distributor of equipment and tools for the life science industry.


BioTools is an Australian Life Science equipment distributor. Their focus is on providing laboratories and research institutes with innovative equipment to support research work.


The goal of this project was to conduct UX Analysis with the BioTools management and sales teams and redesign the customer experience of the organisation. The objective of this study was to more better reflect and capture the company’s values, while offering a more engaging and consistent user experience through print and digital touchpoints.

Refocused Web Experience

The newly designed BioTools web experience had a focus on presenting the product range as desirable solutions, as products that directly solved tangible problems encountered by researchers throughout their everyday activities. This was a core ethos of BioTools and the website was intended to express this in a visually compelling and interactive manner.


This was achieved through a combination of redesigning the product artwork and images as well as re-writing the content and product information. These actions radically changed how each product was presented through the website.

Redefining Navigation

A key pressure point identified throughout the original website, was its site navigation and the ease at which visitors could locate and connect with a product. Through consultation with the BioTools directorship, the product range was segmented into 5 distinct categories. Each category displayed all related products, subdivided into smaller groupings. These directly linked to individual product pages.


The key outcome of this design decision was to introduce greater segmentation through the site, making it faster and easier for visitors to connect with products that filled their needs. This also minimised the number of clicks to 2 before a visitor can connect with a product.

BioTools Logo

The new design for the BioTools logo aims to capture the core visual style and direction behind the rebranded identity, while maintaining the core elements and influences behind the original logo.


A core value behind BioTools is that it is a modern, innovative company that provides innovative high end speciality equipment. The new logo introduces a sleek icon that aims to represent the drive for innovation within Life Science. The icon itself is an abstract deconstruction of a leaf, a potent symbol within the Life Science sector.


The clean, minimalist style of the logo aims to connect the brand with the notion of being modern, reliable and trustworthy.

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