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Buttercup Cupcakes Website

Web Design

The Project

Working with MyWork Australia, we led the design and development of a new website for Buttercup Cupcake. The overall goal of the website was to create an engaging new web experience that captured the artisanal and sophisticated nature of their range of creative products.


The resulting product is an Artistic Website that embodies the creative and elegant nature of Buttercup Cupcake’s products and services.

Design Direction

The overall design direction for the website was to make use of their professional photography, creating a highly visual and emotive experience, with a focus on journey and discovery throughout the website. Pairing full width photographs with parallax scrolling and bold Call to Action buttons, visitors are engaged and invited to explore the website.


The style of the website is narrative based, as the client’s photography is used throughout the visually tell a story and the user is guided throughout the website to engage and interact with that story through interactive photo galleries.


The visual style is minimalistic, using strong contrasts of white and black that serves to develop a sophisticated and elegant experience, enabling the various photographs to prominently shine through.

Achieving Business Goals

Through consultation with the client, in how their existing website was used, a deliberate user journey was set up that would guide the user from the Home Page to pages that showcased premier examples of Buttercup’s product.


The user journey ended on the Contact Page, which featured Contact Details and a simple Contact Form. Contact Forms were embedded throughout these pages to enable fast and easily conversions on every page of the website.

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