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Hooper & Hanson Website

Web Design

The Project

Working with MyWork, this project focused on designing a new website for Hooper & Hanson, an organisation providing consultancy for mental health services in rural Australia.


The overarching goal for this website was to design a peacful and calming experience while also connecting with Rural Australian roots.

Fostering a Calm and Tranquil Digital Experience

A core client requirment was for the new website to foster a calming experience throughout the visitors interaction. As visitors to the website include both those requiring and offering mental health services.


As such, taking the branding and logo provided by the client, a colour palette of blue tones and white were used to foster such an experience. Combined with impactful images used throughout the website, the desired experience was developed.

Visitor Engagement Strategies

A core business objective throughout the website was to enable visitors to easily reach out and connect with Hooper & Hanson across a variety of contact channels.


In order to achieve this goal, a Pop-out Contact Link was added into the Navigation. The Header has been fixed to the top of the screen, making this link accessible at all times. This triggers a Pop-out that contains a Contact Form.


Further to this, email addresses and phone numbers were added into the Header and made highly visible throughout the website.


These features aim to make the accessibility to connect with Hooper & Hanson across mutliple channels highly accessible throughout the website.

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