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IPL Website

Web Design

The Project

In tandem with the new logo and branding, a brand new website was designed for Investment Property Ladder. Seeking to present IPL with a point of difference, the design direct sought to capitalise on the brand theme and embed various visual elements throughout the website to connect with the new brand.

Stepped to Success

As a key brand theme established with the design of the new logo, the figurative and literal symbol of the ladder was embedded throughout the website through overlapping content rows. This aimed to create a 3D effect in the layout and make certain content rows such as Call to Action elements stand out.


As a design experiment, the goal was to see how stacking different content elements increased their visibility and focus.

Standing out from the crowd

To compliment the theme of the brand, the design decision was made to use greyscale images throughout the website, contrasting these with white, grey and salmon pink throughout the website.


This aimed to connect the website to the brand from a visual point and also direct the eye of the visitor to specific elements.

Achieving Business Goals

Through discussions with the client, a business objective was to increase enquiries made through the website. To facilitate this goal, the contact form was made more accessible throughout the website. This included placing the form at the bottom of each information page, as well as embedding Call to Action rows into the Home Page.


To enable further engagement with the form, a “Lets Chat” link was placed in the main navigation . This link triggers a pull out widget that also contains the Contact Form.


These measures were aimed to increase the accessibility of the contact form while also ensuring to make it user driven and motivated so as not to come across a forceful or too direct.

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