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LDG Sales Solutions Logo

Logo Design

The Project

This project designed a new modern logo LDG Sales Solution, a Melbourne-based sales consultant.


The core message for the brand was experience and professionalism. This influenced the design direction of the logo to explore a blue colour scheme as well as square-based graphics.

Design Direction

The LDG logo uses a blue and white colour scheme, due to the strong connection to corporate business. The psychology of the colour Blue conveys trust, security and reliability. These traits connect well with LDG’s brand message.


The concept of security and trust led towards the square shaped icon. Through a process of experimentation, the diamond shape evolved from this process as it makes a distinctive impact that stands out. This was also inspired by the Commonwealth Bank logo which also employs this technique.


The font used is Work Sans, a highly readable and visible font especially when using a heavy font weight.


These elements combined constructed a particular message communicated to potential customers about LDG.

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