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New Vote App

Experience Design

The Project

NewVote is an app centred around digital democracy, designed to re-engage members of various communities with important issues affecting them.

As one of the changemaker organisations at the 2017 Random Hacks of Kindness Hackathon, I played a role mapping the user’s journey in engaging with issues and interacting with the app to add their voice and opinion to the issue.

Since the hackathon weekend, NewVote has now been featured at UQ and Woodfordia.

Since the initial MVP designed over the weekend hackathon, I’ve continued to work with NewVote, refining the visual style and experience offered by the app as the app continues to develop.

The process in designed the app included user journey mapping, wireframes, paper prototypes and low fidelity UI proof of concepts with Adobe Illustrator.

Stakeholder Analysis

During the course of the hackathon, collaboration with the various stakeholders was conducted in order to determine the needs and requirements for the prototype.


Hand-drawn sketches were used to rapidly iterate ideas in a collaborative setting, testing possible solutions to key functions and features.

User Journeys

In order to better understand the journey the app was inviting the users to engage in, diagrams were created to map the users pathway through the various stages of the app, from voting on issues, reading proposed solutions and adding their own solutions to issues.

This represented a key product of the hackathon weekend as developing this journey was critical to taking the idea pitched at the start of the hackathon to presenting the MVP add.

MVP UI Design

Adobe Illustrator was used to create UI designs that both demonstrates the various features and functions of the app as well as communicate to the development team as they were writing code for the MVP high fidelity prototype.

Post Hackathon User Research

The NewVote app was deployed at UQ for testing with the student body. A contextual enquiry was written to help collect feedback and suggest refinements and improvements to the experience, design and user journey.

Refined Design

Adopting various points of feedback collected from the users, the NewVote app was given a refined visual style that aimed to better communicate key concepts and principles of the app in a more natural and intuitive manner. This also enabled the opportunity to launch the planning and design of new features for the app.

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