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The Arena Coaching Website

Web Design

The Project

Working with Arena Coaching, we designed and developed a website to promote the new business with a visual and expressive website that communicated calm and trust and a sense of journey and discovery.


As the primary point of difference offered by Arena Coaching, its personal mentorship and focus on individual empowerment was a cornerstone for the experience needed to be carried through by the design direction of the website.


User Empathy

A driving design direction of the website design was to create an emotive, calming experience that evoked the theme of journey. In order to achieve this, high impact images were used throughout the website.


This was complimented with a colour scheme of blue and white with clear and highly readable text. This combination of elements constructed a visual narrative that told the Arena Coaching Story.

Unpacking the Business Goals

Through a consultative, discovery process, the business goals were explored and defined. A central business goal for the website was to convert visitors to participants in workshops and seminars, facilitated by The Arena Coaching.


A second business goal was to grow the MailChimp subscriber list. Both of these objectives were key to building and establishing the emerging network of connections planned by the business.


These goals were achieved through a combined approach of embedding call to action buttons to drive engagement and channel visitors to key conversion areas of the website. A facility was also set up where visitors could download a free resource after subscribing via MailChimp.

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