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Crafting experiences to delight


Enhancing the experiences of your customers through interaction with your brand, website and product.

Magin Creative will work with you to unpack your users and customers, understanding their needs and objectives and how your physical and digital touchpoints can be tailored to deliver a memorable user experience.

What should I care about “User Experience Design”.

At Magin Creative, we like to think of User Experience as a bridge that brings together Design, Technology and Business. User Experience or UX Design, focuses on the needs of the user first, crafting the look and feel as well as the interactions they have with your brand or product.


This can create a more memorable and positive experiences in the minds of your customers with greater satisfaction. This unlocks your business’s capacity to better achieve your business goals. User Experience can be This can take the form of a website, an app or even your storefront.

User Experience means Users First

At its heart, User Experience is about asking questions about your users, gaining empathy and an understanding for their needs and how to more easily cater to them. Using this knowledge, Magin Creative can provide essential recommendations and advice through consultation in how the experience you offer your customers and users can be dramatically improved, enabling your customers to achieve their goals faster.


This can take the form of:

  • Digital products (apps or websites)
  • Physical products (storefronts or print advertising)
  • Processes and User Journeys (customer experience or transaction pathways).
  • Brand Message (logo, colours and fonts)

What kind of service do you provide with User Experience?

If you are looking to improve the user experience offered by your business, Magin Creative can work with you to critically examine your business processes and products, with a central focus on the needs of the end user and their experience.


We can conduct on-site interviews with your users to analyse and understand their needs. These discoveries can be compiled, so you can make more informed business decisions.


Experiments and prototypes can be designed to test design ideas and solutions to improve your customer interactions. These can use emerging theories of UX and CX design such as gamification to reward and incentivise user interactions.


Our finding are then compiled into reports and recommendations into how your business processes and products can be optimised and improved, better catering for your customers.

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